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About The Leader in Construction Surety Bonds

Throughout the years our specialist have developed a deep understanding of the construction industry. This knowledge allows us to provide superior services and comprehensive solutions to minimize the risks inherent in the construction industry. 


Our bonding specialist specializes in surety bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, and maintenance bonds.


We also have experts in commercial bonds, judicial bonds, license & permit bonds, fidelity bonds, payment & performance bonds, public official bonds, and subdivision bonds. We have the capacity and experience it takes to support the largest national contractors and the hometown knowledge and personal service to ensure mid to small-size contractors receive the same attention to detail.

This site was built and should be considered a resource site that can be ongoingly accessed for information pertaining to construction bonds. It is meant to give contractors a more in-depth understanding of the requirements for obtaining surety bonds. The views and opinions expressed in this resource are solely those of Christian Collins a surety bond specialist.





Surety Bond Specialist

As a managing Partner of Nielson, Rosenhaus & Associates and one of the Principles of NHC, Brett brings with him 25 years of experience in the surety industry. Throughout those years, he has represented Sub and General Contractors with programs as small as start-ups to multiple ENR Top 400 Contractors. As a highly experienced surety professional, Brett has developed strategic relationships with many surety clients as well as the top Surety Companies. He is also passionate about helping his client’s business grow, working with them to overcome the challenges associated with both controlled and unexpected growth. His skill set came to good use for NHC as well when the company decided to expand their business, Brett played an integral part in opening both the Orlando and St. Petersburg offices for Nielson, Hoover & Company.

In addittion to his multiple positions with the Nielson Hoover Group, Brett is an active member of the East Cost Chapter of the AGC where he has served as a Director and is currently in charge of the membership committee. He is very active within the chapter and a regular participant in the events and functions as well as being committed to lending his voice when it comes to local and state legislative issues facing the industry.




Surety Bond Specialist


Taylor Rosenhaus

Surety Bond Specialist




Contract Bond Specialist

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